SOx Scrubber Retrofit

Optimized Design Technology
  • Integrated Engineering Operation Professional Technical Personnel by Engineering Field
  • Increase efficiency of work through timely supply of drawings
  • Engineering Field
    • Naval Architecture
    • Structure Analysis & Design
    • Ship’s Mechanical System
    • Ship’s Outfitting Design
    • Electric & Communication System
Advanced Optimization Engineering
  • Efficient Reverse Design System 3D Modeling by Context Capture & OpenPlantModeler
  • The Certified Analysis Software & Design Tools Worldwide
Operational Reliability
  • Supply Electric Power Management Plan through Electric Load Analysis
  • Prevent Performance Degradation through Overall Check & Redesign of related System
  • Interaction of System Control & Monitoring System
  • Prediction of Operational Trouble and addition of countermeasures against the addition of System
Reduction of Cost
  • Minimization of Construction Material by Efficient Design
  • Optimal Installation Technology for Each Situation